Half-Off Value World Coupons

I received JB coupon book today–and guess what…it had a half-off Value World coupons over the whole purchase…actually there’s two of them–one for February and one for March.


13 responses to “Half-Off Value World Coupons

  1. Do you know where I can get a JB coupon book? My mother lives in Windsor and I’m taking her shopping next month for her 80th b’day to her favourite store ~ Value World. She would be thrilled to have a coupon (or two 😉

  2. There were four 50% off everything coupons for Value World (one in the Entertainment Section and one in the Community News Section) of the Ann Arbor News on Sunday, March 15. You can call the Ann Arbor News or stop by their office and buy back issues of the paper (I think they’re $1.50-$2) Two coupons are for March 16-31. The other two are for April sometime. And someone told me today that you can find them in the yellow pages of your phone book; I haven’t looked there so I can’t confirm that. Good luck! Happy shopping!

  3. They are on the Value World.net company website, I’ve used it and it was accepted! Print as many as you’d like!

  4. can any of you help me find a free value world coupan for he month of april my boys need more clothes..thanks

    • alessapiscioneri

      Sorry, I don’t know where the coupons are at now. Sometimes they’re on the website or published in local papers.


  6. I love going to this thrift store I find so many things. Gifts, remodling some rooms or changing a look.

  7. I love shopping at Value World. I find good clothing that I can wear to work. Also, many other items can be found. I love to stay for hours just looking.

  8. it’s really hard toget a coupon book if they don’t live in a certain area. My mother gets me one some time if she gets on in her mail box. live in new haven and we don’t them here if anyone know where i can get one in my area let me know please shirley

  9. Lyndia wilson

    yes i put in for a 50% coupen for vaule world i have a pass word from valueworld but i can not found the coupen please help Lyndia Wilson

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