Value World and Me

For all of the people who read my blog, thank you so much. I have to admit there is a popular misconception about blog that I’d like to take a minute to clear up. Although I often write about Value World, I don’t work there and I have no affiliation. I can’t get anyone coupons, although I post where I find them.

Thanks again for reading!


Walmart Brings Back Layaway

It’s back.

Just when you finished buying school supplies and clothes, now it’s time to think of the next big shopping expenditure—Christmas.

Walmart, struggling to retain and grow its profit share, is bringing back layaway, although in a truncated form. Walmart got rid of its layaway back in 2006, right before the economy really started to tank.

Only electronics and toys items can be put on layaway. Each item must be at least $15, and the whole bill must be at least $50.

Among other companies that have layaway—with fewer restrictions–are Sears, Kmart and T.J. Maxx.

Shopping for School Clothes Part II

Once you have a list of the budget and what your student need, go though the closet.

Look for things that can still be used, like T shirts which can be layered over long-sleeved shirts.

Next prioritze what is needed, and then come up with a final list.

It’s time, then, to start thinking about what where to get the clothes.

Go thrift shopping first. For younger children, try mom 2 mom sales. For older kids, go to a chain thrift store (which usually have a better selection), such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Value World or Value Village.

The best bets there are jeans, winter coats and jackets, and turtlenecks

Consignment shops are another good way to find stuff. Plato’s Closet ( is a great find for more trendy stuff.

Saving Money on Back to School Clothes Part One

It’s that time of year that brings fear and anxiety to millions of parents. That’s right. It’s back to school shopping time.

But what can be a huge chore and cut to the bankbook can be managed.

First, you gotta determine a budget. One thing to remember is that you don’t have to do all of the back to school shopping now. So, without using credit cards, how much can you afford.

Take the amount in cash, and show your kid.

Once you have a budget, it’s time to look at what you really need.

Flyers and sales circulars from Kmart, Kohl’s and Target will help you or, if you want to be spendy, buy a copy of a magazine–like Seventeen, for example. Don’t go to a store. No one needs temptation!

Then go through the closet. What do they really need? Keep referring to your budget.

I Love Value World

I like Value World…OK, I love Value World.

They’ve got great books and great clothes, and seriously, what more do you need? No, I don’t work there, thankfully

The prices are very reasonable always in the single digits, and its prices are cheaper than the Salvation Army (unless it’s the five for $5 sale). Well-regarded brands cram the racks, brands like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Franco Sarto, Nine West, etc. etc.

Value World is a chain of thrift stores, which gets its merchandise from Purple Heart, and it sells it for them.Value World is not a charity.

Like many thrift stores, the price tag are color coded, and each day a color is half-off

One of my favorite things about Value World is that they often have coupons in local coupon books.These coupons are usually for half-off anything in the store. They sometimes have coupons on their website, If you subscribe, you get extra coupons.

One final note, I’m just a fan, not an employee of the store.

School Clothes on the Cheap

Secondhand to the School Clothes Rescue

Today, I saw something funny. It was a credit union advertisement, saying it had money to loan for…school clothes.

Now that was a new one on me.

Since clothing for children, by definition, is disposable, borrowing money for them would be last thing to do.

So how can you dress your kids for school without running for a loan.

There are secondhand sources you can try.

Plato’s Closet
Mom to Mom Sales
Resale shops
Rummage Sales

So how do you convince your kids that secondhand is cool. Well, there are lot of ways.
It’s environmentally friendly, for one thing.

Another idea is to give your kids a set amount of money, and the kids can see themselves how far this goes.

Salvation Army July 4 Sale

It’s the 4th of July…and it’s time to save. The Salvation Army is having its annual half-off clothing sale at all of their stores.

Of course, they will also be announcing different sales throughout the day.

It’s a lot fun, although really crowded.

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